Latitude 18 Spanish Mackerel – A four part series – ABC Queensland – Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC)

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Latitude 18 Spanish Mackerel – A four part series

02 June 2015 , 3:31 PM by Annie Reuss

Every night this week you are going to hear about Latitude 18 … the Spanish Mackerel Fishery on the Great Barrier Reef.

It is a 4 part series created by Kate Osborne, who has been contributing written, photographic and video stories through ABC Open since 2011

Kate became interested in the Spanish Mackerel industry when she noticed a decline in the number small commercial boats off Townsville … she wanted to know why.

Episode 1: 

In the first episode Kate introduces you to commercial and recreational fishermen who have fished for mackerel from the 1940’s to the present day … including Don Thompson and fisheries biologist Dr Andrew Tobin from James Cook University.

This episodes starts with ABC Open contributor Kevin Flemings reading from the book “Chasing the Spaniards” written by Jack Stevenson, a commercial fisherman from the area, who is now deceased.

Episode 2:

The second episode takes you back to the 1960s and 1970s when the commercial fishery was thriving and recreational fishermen were starting to access the areas where traditionally commercial fishermen had been the only fishers.

Episode 3:

In Episode 3 things heat up … it’s fishermen versus sharks and commercial versus recreational fishermen

Episode 4:

In Episode 4 you’ll find out about the current state of the Spanish Mackerel industry in North Queensland

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